Dengan modal gitar dan jurus tiga kunci, mereka membuat lagu sendiri yang berangkat dari kenyataan hidup sehari-hari. Please provide your name. In Marginal re-spawn’s 4th album with the theme of the “Predator” consisting cassette 1 and 2. Next Youngest and Only. Links and media https: They are trying to convey a message to be a rejection or acceptance and hope after what felt, seen, in touch, and hear in everyday life.

album marjinal predator 2

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Proses penggarapan album ke-4 ini sudah megalami kemajuan karena di dukung dengan alat yang mumpuni, sangat berbeda jauh sekali jika bandingkan album sebelumnya, baik di lihat dari design cover maupun hasil rekaman kaset.

During his work in the music industry indie, Marginal has undergone several mutually or disassembly personnel, and until now marginalized strengthened by Romi Evil vocalsMike guitarBob bassProph drums now to continue walking together in order to stay alive trying to convey the message of a mandate of the suffering of the people who put in the form of music media.

Koleksi Lagu Marjinal Predator

The process of cultivating the 4th album is already megalami progress because the support with a powerful tool, very different than all if compare previous album, both in view of the cover design and the results recorded tapes. Next Youngest and Only.

Moch Kahfi II — Gg. Mereka menggunakan media visual, lewat poster dari cukil kayu, baliho dan lukisan yang menggugah kesadaran generasi muda, untuk melawan sistem fasis yang diusung Orde Baru. Namun sayang belum sampai pada saatnya, marsinah wafat dalam tugas suci yang mulia akibat penyiksaan yang dilakukan oleh aparat berseragam loreng sebagai anjing-anjing peliharaan sang kapitalis.

The early punk bands Romi Jahat vocalsMike gittarBob bassSteven drumsformed from the background of similarity in addressing the belantika of life with each other. Initially, they wanted to go, but the longer they are not interested. Then they named the group was originally Pfedator Military.


Memasuki tahun band punk rock ini mulai menanggalkan nama AA dan AM, mereka resmi menggunakan nama baru yaitu Marjinal.

marjinal by April Lado | Free Listening on SoundCloud

During his work in the indie music industry, Marginal has undergone several mutations or unloading personnel, and until now marginal is still reinforced by Romi Jahat vocalsMike guitarbob bassProph drums which is now to keep walking together to stay alive trying to convey the message of a prevator of suffering people who poured in the form of music media.

The cultivation process of the 4th album has been progressing progressively because it is supported by a powerful tool, very much different when compared to previous albums, whether viewed from the cover design or the tape recording. In development, Anti Military understood people as a band, And they are not musicians in the real sense!

Indonesian punk rock band that formed in earlythey formed over background scene alive similarities in dealing with one another.

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But unfortunately not yet at the time, Marsinah died marjianl the glorious holy duty as a result of torture by officers in camouflage uniforms as pet dogs of the capitalists. Not only is it Marsinah was inspired Marginal in releasing the third album with the album title “Marsinah” bercoverkan Marsinah face with a black and white format.

album marjinal predator 2

From day to day more and more young people who come and get involved in the workshop program, They also created a simple distro, a storefront window set on the veranda, storing various pig fry products; from t-shirts, tapes, pins, stickers, emblems, zines to books by pramoedya ananta toer.


Awalnya, mereka ingin kuliah, tapi semakin lama mereka tidak tertarik. Romi Jahat vocalMike gitarBob bassSteven drum dan menelurkan album pertama marjjnal tahun dan album kedua di tahun Romi Evil vocalsMike guitarBob bassSteven drums and spawned the first album in and her second album in App is no longer available in the app store.

Tamara Crosby Number of Apps: Jakarta, Indonesia Early standing: Description Grup band punk rock Indonesia yang terbentuk awalmereka terbentuk atas latar belakang kesamaan dalam menyikapi belantika hidup satu sama lainnya. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Kemudian mereka menamakan kelompok itu awalnya Anti Military.

Labum help MightySignal deliver its services. The new name is in the can when Mike was inspired by the name of women workers fighters amrjinal.

album marjinal predator 2

Apa yang dipelajari di kampus telah mereka kuasai, mereka telah ahli dalam menggambar, desain dan lain-lain. Please provide your name. Progressive-punk quintet, Belmont, are excited to share that they have albym with Pure Noise Records. Entering the punk band began to remove the name of AA and AM, they officially use the new name is Marginal. Please provide your email. With a capital of three key guitar and tactics, they create their own songs that depart from the reality of everyday life.