Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. The album unites many of the local young producers of this fresh genre over 15 tracks on double LP and digital with four bonus tracks released via the Gqom Oh! See what has all the kids moving as we take a trip through the streets of Durban, to the taxis and clubs that the Gqom sound calls home. Subscribe to our newsletter below: The adults at the back watch incredulously, unsure what to make of this post-kwaito scene. But with Gqom, if you practice enough, you can master it perfectly.

kasimp3 gqom

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Born in the townships of Durban in South Africa, Gqom is derived from house music, but rawer, punctuated by halting beats, the drone of synthesizers and repetitive, onomatopoeic lyrics.

Gqom—The Sound from the Townships of South Africa – Indie Guides Magazine

Who is the fool between your real woman and your mistress? The heartbeat of Durban is gqom.

kasimp3 gqom

DIY house music born in the suburbs of Durban, South Africa, the emergent genre has been recently featured in the indie documentary Woza Taxi. I can see this dominating late night dancefloors as well as after hours parties where you want to keep the heat going and growing.


Or browse results titled:. Forgotten Souls – Sgubhu 6 Gqom Edit Includes unlimited streaming of Gqom Oh! To read the rest of this article click here.

kasimp3 gqom

This record had the strongest impact on me and left me behind crying. I loved Physically Sick Vol Written by The Editors 4 November With its mix of ethnic tradition and urban tension it has been a cradle of cultural phenomena. As one of the musicians in Woza Taxi tells us: The kids call it Gqom.

Gqom – The New Underground

His energy is manic, but his movements match the staccato beat that, with his vocals mixed in, echoes through the hilly township. The name itself sounds like the boom of a bassline. Purchasable with gqon card. This extraordinary, apocalyptic bass music encompasses many influences.

Cruel Boyz – Umeqo Emagqomini dub mix Dj Mabheko – Syagwaba Gqomu South Africa is a unique case in the African continent, a place of the soul that has no equal: This site uses cookies: WiLV Dark minimal beats. If you want to get to know Gqom and Bengha, the dance music of South Africa, watch the documentary below and listen to the mixtape Gqom Oh! The adults at the back watch incredulously, unsure tqom to make of kasip3 post-kwaito scene. The Sound of Durban. More stories like this?


Kwanele Sosibo and Chris Saunders travelled to KwaZulu Natal earlier this year to meet up with some of the pioneers of one of South Africa’s most minimal, raw and exhilarating underground dance music oasimp3, Gqom, for an article for the Red Bulletin.

Gqom – The New Underground

Everywhere at the end of time by The Caretaker. Dominowe – Africa’s Cry We present a small selection of tracks from the Gqom scene to give you an idea of how it sounds.

I’m eager to hear more from artists in this genre as it expands and gains more of the notoriety it deserves. Strange Apparatus Sparse and sinister, polyrhythmic, drenched in sub. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. He first came across gqom seven years ago, on unmarked mixtapes that were being put out by a DJ from Pretoria named Bin Laden.