Thanks for choosing Zetakey! If you encounter any problem, please let us know. RAR file to PC and unrar the. I dont see flash support. It comes with a basic UI. It is not for public yet.

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Overwrite everything he asks to. Originally posted by vegerfrancoois View Post. I have Windows CE v.

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zetakey cab

Carlos Alcantar May 25th Vincent Dekker May 27th 1: Hi, Still working to find what is the issue Can anyone send me one or two dll files from the device’s system? Tks a lot Rgds Fred. Robert June 1st No rotation to landscape. Setakey January 19th 7: Gerry May 23rd 9: We don’t need to render the websites anywhere else You are not connected.


Are you a developer? Click the windows icon twice again to load windows explorer. Permissions in this forum: Thanks for choosing Zetakey! Windows CE port is not generally for end-user as optimisation or customisation is required to fit different devices. Can you just copy any dll file, may be from other app. Dear my friend, It is cwb appreciated your support of Zetakey Webkit Browser. Zetakey Browser first version was released on We will continue to support Windows Mobile, CE, coming related platforms.

ZetaKey Webkit Browser v freeware for Windows Mobile Phone.

Hi Guys, If you think that I have missed your post then please re-post your request. I have emailed Jack Wong with the details. PC versions are for evaluation purpose not for production use.

zetakey cab

I have no idea what “iPhone Mode” does. Please login or register. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.


zetakey cab

Windows Mobile 6 no flash no browser. I zeetakey with hope as IE sux. No built-in flash that I can tell, no tabs, still not a ton of features but there don’t seem to be any other WM Webkit browsers currently being developed, plus this takes about half the installed space compared with Iris and Dorothy. Zetakeey HD2 does not stream video and does not respond to all touch commands on hd2. Thank you for your response, Best Regards, Petros.